"I oversee roughly 500 people throughout the country, and by [having Andrea assess] my top 50 managers, it's allowed me to work with them better on a day-to-day basis, understand them better on a day-to-day basis, and especially when change comes about, ...strategize better in getting the job done."
-Corporate Operations Manager

"I had client needs that had really sped up... one of my team members was just ready to combust and I just wanted to carry on and move forward. I was spending endless nights rolling around in my bed awake at night wondering...are we going to get this work done? ...what could I do?... I don't know how to convince this person to do what I needed her to do at this crisis time. After speaking with Andrea she not only gave me some guidance about how to handle that particular crisis, but also a much deeper understanding, not only of myself, but also of my team members and how to work better to inspire them to a higher level of engagement. It really gave me pause to come back and have a conversation with the team member and to tell her what I had learned about how "my Kolbe was sticking out", as I call it, and how that was a little bit different from hers, and we were able to co-negotiate a new way of working together. Without Andrea and might have cost me a really great team member that has done great work for me."
- Debora McLaughlin, CEO, The Renegade Leader

"Andrea has played a key role in helping me launch my business. Her experience and education in business combined with her ability to act as a coach is a unique combination that provides me with the right tools when I need them. When it comes to Kolbe, it has been really helpful to understand my own Kolbe make-up in contrast with Andrea's in order to see that we bring very different strengths to the table. She helps me recognize and use the strengths I have and fills in my gaps so that I can make more informed decisions. I am so glad that she is my go-to consultant!"
-Christina Way, Veterinarian and Small Business Owner

"I was extremely leery of my next hire after the experience of firing a team member on my small team who had become a friend but wasn't a good fit at all for the role, the reporting structure, or the work. Andrea gave me exactly what I needed to get comfortable with ensuring my next hires were the right fit. It was like a blueprint with special instructions, and both of the new team members I've hired have been wonderful fits for their roles. It's so much less time-consuming as a CEO to have the right team in place. I would highly recommend having Andrea facilitate the Kolbe assessment to anyone looking to hire new employees or even to gain an understanding of how it's best to lead and interact with your current team. Thank you, Andrea, for helping me create my dream-team! "
-Kyla Ledlow, CEO and Founder of Engage and Retain, LLC.

"I took the Kolbe A assessment before I met Andrea in order to learn more about myself; however, since meeting her, I now see there can be a much broader application of Kolbe concepts in situations such as hiring, team building and conflict resolution. Her patient explanation of the Kolbe concepts underlying several different interpersonal business challenges I have discussed with her has given me considerable insight into how a person's natural strengths, gaps, and conflicts can play into the group dynamics of many business problems. Andrea is nonjudgmental in her interpretation of Kolbe results. She is able to quickly identify the important contribution to the team that each person makes doing things in their own unique way, and, in so doing, Andrea keeps the human component front and centre in what could become a very cut and dried numbers exercise. Andrea's refreshing analysis brings something new to the table during each of our discussions."
-Barbara Lawson, Leadership Coach in Financial Services

"Andrea's work with my project team lead to a 70% increase in team effectiveness, a 100% increase in my decision-making skills as team lead, and 110% increase in the innovation of our solutions."
-Operations Manager, Major Motion Picture and Television Studio

"Andrea supported me as a professional partner and coach to my coaching business for over a year. As a Kolbe expert and excellent coach, her weekly feedback and input has encouraged me to build on my strengths and instincts. She's given me new ideas that raised my game and gave me frequent "kicks in the butt" to propel the development of my business. She's my trusted -- and very smart -- business advisor and I highly recommend her consulting and coaching work."
-Cathy Norris, CEO and President, Sensational Leadership

"Andrea's style is energetic, direct and challenging. She manages progress and accountability well, and provides direct 'experiential feedback, which in our case was a source of significant learning. Andrea [also] helped me focus my energy and attention, [which] has been tremendously motivating. In short, Andrea is professional. She is positive, upbeat, direct, accountable, supportive, challenging and results oriented. In addition, she is organized, communicative, proactive and flexible around the management of our coaching relationship. This made my experience working with Andrea very impactful. Andrea's likable nature, her ability to manage progress and accountability, her positive, upbeat, direct, accountable, supportive, challenging and results oriented coaching style, and her organized, communicative, proactive and flexible approach to the business relationship made our time together a very positive one. Working with Andrea helped me to define a goal, then focus my energy and attention on it. The result of this is that I am making significantly more progress than prior to working with Andrea."
-T.W., Principal Consultant, People and Organization Development

"Andrea is truly a gifted coach! She partnered with me and helped me break through long held fears - fears that were blocking my path to my goals. She helped me discover techniques that fulfilled my desire to live a more mindful life. Andrea was my biggest cheerleader - celebrating each step I took, no matter how small. She is smart, compassionate and inspiring. I am appreciative for all that Andrea helped me to achieve!"
-Gayle DeCarlo, Professional Health and Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur

"I appreciate all of the support we received from Andrea with our internal [Kolbe] assessments. She made the process easy to facilitate and understand. I highly recommend her and Lead with Harmony if you want to better understand yourself and your team! "
-Porschia Parker, Millennial Performance Institute

"Andrea was instrumental in helping me create consciousness in the way I was currently living and clarity in aspects of my life where I wanted to initiate change. Her strategic focus helped me to pinpoint specific areas and identify key actions I need to undertake in order to move forward. She challenged me to maintain my momentum and honor [my] commitments... Her guidance resulted in me initiating key changes which have helped me begin a higher level of engagement in both my professional and personal lives. Thank you Andrea!"
-Carolyn Knafelc, Strategic HR Advisor, Ignite HR Consulting and Coaching

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